POEMs in Practice for Achalasia

As noted in a previous blog  regarding NOTES (see link below), peroral endoscopic myotomy (POEM) has been investigated for treatment of achalasia.  Now, a prospective study of 70 patients from 5 centers reports excellent results (Gastroeenterol 2013; 145: 309-11, editorial 272-73).


  • 3 months after POEM, 97% of patients were in symptom remission.
  • 12 months after POEM, 82% of patients were in symptom remission.

Potential benefits of POEM:

Early results suggest similar efficacy to surgery but with the recovery profile of an endoscopy Painless

For more widespread adoption, many questions need to addressed:

  • the appropriate length & thickness of myotomy
  • the optimal equipment
  • the best ‘surgeons’ for this technique
  • how do long-term outcomes compare to Heller myotomy or balloon dilatation

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2 thoughts on “POEMs in Practice for Achalasia

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