AAP -Behind the Scenes 2019

The Georgia Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) had a recent Board of Directors meeting.  There is a core group of pediatricians and pediatric specialists who, in conjunction with the AAP staff, work to improve the health of children. This includes arranging conferences, working with legislators, identifying regulatory issues and promoting best practices.  The Board of Directors meeting helps guide the chapter’s work.  This year’s meeting covered a lot of ground.  Two of the presentations provided information from the composite medical board and ABP certification/MOC.

The first presentation discussed the following:

  • -How physicians get into trouble: not completing CME credits, drug use, inappropriate contact with patients.  A new issue is not registering for PDMP (prescription drug monitoring program).  If a physician is not in compliance, they will be fined $3000 and reported to national database.
  • -Issue of lack of physician access in rural areas.
  • -High debt of physicians completing medical school and loan repayment programs to encourage physicians to locate in underserved areas.

The second presentation by Anna Kuo and Brad Weselman focused on changes in ABP’s MOC process, including the introduction of MOCA-Peds.  The goal of the changes is to make MOC process more relevant in improving practice.

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