Belching, Hiccups and Aerophagia

A useful review (Clin Gastroenterol Hepatol 2013; 11: 6-12) provides information on these clinical problems. Belching or eructation can be divided into gastric belches which are normal and supragastric belching.  Supragastric belching which is a behavior (not a reflex), is often provoked by stress.  Air … Continue reading

Most Popular Posts 2011-2018

Since this blog’s inception, there are now more than 2500 posts; these are the most popular (most views): Diet or drugs for cyclic vomiting syndrome July 2012 Miralax Safety Feb 2013 Colonoscopy, Split-dosing bowel preps, and Ottawa Scores July 2012 NAFLD … Continue reading

Expert Advice for Diagnosis and Treatment of Rumination Syndrome

Full text: M Halland et al Clinical Gastroenterol Hepatol 2018; 16: 1549-1555 provide an excellent review and practical recommendations for rumination syndrome. The article describes the high prevalence which is ~0.8-0.9% of adults and ~5% of children.  Some populations like … Continue reading