Nutrition University -Part 1

While issues with nutrition are ubiquitous, among the three areas of expertise for pediatric gastroenterologists (gastroenterology, hepatology, and nutrition), it does seem that nutrition expertise receives the least interest overall.  One effort to work on this is Nutrition University (N2U) sponsored by … Continue reading

Nutritional Management of Intestinal Failure in Pediatrics

A recent terrific update from Kipp Ellsworth: Nutritional Management of Intestinal Failure Patients. Slides: Some selected slides: Related blog posts for Short Bowel Syndrome: Nutrition Pearls: Fiber for SBS Short Gut Diet -CHOA Approach Short Bowel Syndrome and Long Duration … Continue reading

Liver Shorts -March 2021. Neonatal liver disease, Hepatitis-Associated Aplastic Anemia & Two

S Kemme et al. JPGN 2021; 72: 194-201. Outcomes of Severe Seronegative Hepatitis-associated Aplastic Anemia: A Pediatric Case Series This small case series (n=4) with HAAA found that this condition was poorly responsive to steroids, azathioprine and tacrolimus; however, Anti-Thymocyte … Continue reading

Nutrition Pearls -Fiber in Short Bowel and Good Growth with Cystic Fibrosis

One useful resource for NASPGHAN members (NASPGHAN Nutrition Pearls) has been the short monthly nutrition pearl videos (about 10 of them so far). Here are some pointers from the most recent of these. In October: Fiber for Short Bowel Syndrome … Continue reading

#NASPGHAN18 Abstract: LR for Pancreatitis & Pumpkin Shot

At NASPGHAN18, an abstract provided more information that indicates that lactated ringer’s is probably the best intravenous fluid for most children with acute pancreatitis Related blog posts: Acute Pancreatitis: NASPGHAN Clinical Report. Acute Pancreatitis Review (2016) For the pediatric pancreatologists Pancreatitis … Continue reading

It’s Alimentary (Part 3)

A recent ‘clinical quality forum’ sponsored by The Children’s Care Network (TCCN) and Nutrition4Kids featured several good lectures. The symposium was titled “It’s Alimentary.” What follows are my notes –the full lectures from these talks will be available in the … Continue reading

NASPGHAN Postgraduate Course 2017 (Part 3): Biliary Atresia, NAFLD, SMOFlipid, Pancreatic Pain

This blog entry has abbreviated/summarized these presentations. Though not intentional, some important material is likely to have been omitted; in addition, transcription errors are possible as well. Here is a link to postgraduate course syllabus: NASPGHAN PG Syllabus – 2017 … Continue reading