Why Dr. Oz Has Not Lost His Medical License

An interesting article from Vox (link from retweet by Eric Benchimol) provides insight on why Dr. Oz can make numerous false claims of ‘miracle’ cures and not lose his medical license.

Here’s an excerpt:

The fact that Oz hasn’t lost any credentials speaks to a larger challenge in modern medicine: Once you get a medical license, its actually really difficult to lose it.

“This has been a longstanding complaint with medicine and the professional regulation. You either need to have sex with patients who file a complaint, be a really bad substance-using person… or you’re malpractice-level bad as a doctor,” David Jones, professor of culture of medicine at Harvard University, says. “Nothing in Dr. Oz’s conduct is even close to getting the attention of the state boards because they are dealing with sex criminals, alcoholics, and gross misconduct.”


The article details why the American Medical Association, New York State Dept of Public Health, Columbia University, and the Federal Trade Commission are all unable to take action against Dr. Oz.

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4 thoughts on “Why Dr. Oz Has Not Lost His Medical License

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