Medical Marijuana -Update

While medical marijuana is not a frequent concern of many pediatric gastroenterologists, our nurses have been getting questions with the recent passage of legislation.  In Georgia, as in many states, marijuana is allowed for certain medical conditions. “Georgia’s medical marijuana law [Haleigh’s Hope Act] does not legalize the production or sale of marijuana, it simply decriminalizes its possession by certain qualified individuals.” –GeorgiaCann Website

in Georgia the patient must suffer from one of these qualifying illnesses:

  1. Cancer, when such diagnosis is end stage or the treatment produces related wasting illness, recalcitrant nausea and vomiting.
  2. Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), when such diagnosis is severe or end stage.
  3. Seizure disorders related to diagnosis of epilepsy or trauma related head injuries.
  4. Multiple Sclerosis, when such diagnosis is severe or end stage.
  5. Crohn’s Disease
  6. Mitochondrial Disease
  7. Parkinson’s Disease, when such diagnosis is severe or end stage.
  8. Sickle Cell Disease, when such diagnosis is severe or end stage.

While I will not be recommending medical marijuana for my patients, here is a link for How to Legally Obtain Medical Marijuana Oil in Georgia (thanks to AM for information).

Also, Georgia Department of Public Health -Low THC Oil Registry Page

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