Not Thirsty for Water

As noted in several previous posts (see below), many kids (and adults) would likely benefit from increased water consumption.  The pervasiveness of this problem was recently discussed in a recent (June 11th) USA Today article (“Researchers to kids: drink more water”), though experts disagree on whether mild water deficits are detrimental.

Here’s an excerpt:

The study, published Thursday by the American Journal of Public Health, found 54.5% of children ages 6 to 19 inadequately hydrated, at least by the standard set in the study.

The findings, based on one-time urine samples from more than 4,000 children, do not mean most children are seriously dehydrated…

The researchers considered a child inadequately hydrated if the concentration reached a level other studies have linked to sluggish thinking and mood changes.

They found boys and black children were more likely than girls and children of other races to have highly concentrated urine…

But … some experts …say most people can judge their fluid needs by thirst alone – and that fluids can come from any drink and many foods…

The study showed 22% of children drank no water.


Not drinking enough water



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