Nonpartisan Fear of GMOs

A recent NPR report: Americans Don’t Trust Scientists’ Take On Food Issues

This reports how frequently misinformed the US public is about is about food safety issues but at least this information is not associated with partisan political views.

An excerpt:

39 percent of the survey participants believe that genetically modified foods are worse for your health than non-GM food. However, there’s essentially no scientific evidence to support that belief — a conclusion confirmed most recently by a National Academy of Sciences report

Americans believe that there’s no scientific consensus on GMOs. Just over 50 percent of respondents believe that “about half or fewer” of scientists agree that GM foods are safe to eat. Only 14 percent’s beliefs match the reality — that “almost all” scientists agree that GM foods are safe to eat…

Roughly equal shares of Republicans and Democrats (39 percent versus 40 percent) feel that GMOs are worse for people’s health. More Democrats than Republicans (60 percent versus 50 percent) believe that organic foods are healthier. It’s significant, but not a huge difference….

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Ft Knox, Maine

Ft Knox, Maine