Liver biopsy risk in children

A recent retrospective study from Oslo looks at risk factors and safety of liver biopsy (JPGN 55: 82-87).

Among 190 patients who underwent 275 ultrasound-guided liver biopsies (interventional radiology), there were four major complications –two were due to post-biopsy bleeding, one was due to variceal bleeding within 12 hours, and one was due to the development of pain/acidosis, and tachycardia.  28 patients had minor bleeding.   There were no mortalities, though one patient dropped hemoglobin in half (11.6 to 5.3).

In their patient population, the following had increased risk for major complications:

  • Focal space-occupying lesion/tumor (n=25) OR 2.84  for all bleeding risk; patients with these lesions typically had more biopsy passes (average 4.9)
  • Acute liver failure (n=12) OR 26.1 for major complication risk
  • Low-molecular weight heparin therapy (n=18)  OR 2.43 for all bleeding risk

Not identified as risk factors for complications in this cohort:

  • Low platelet count (<70 [n=14])or coagulopathy (INR>1.7 [n=18]),  –all received blood products before biopsy
  • Aspirin treatment (often used in transplant population to prevent hepatic artery thrombosis) (n=55)  OR 0.96
  • Liver transplant patients (n=97) -odds ratio was lower than entire cohort (OR 0.52)

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