Congenital hepatic fibrosis

In a previous blog entry (Hepatic ciliopathies), I briefly discussed congenital hepatic fibrosis (CHF).  A more detailed review and handy reference: Srinath A, Shneider BL. JPGN 2012; 54: 580-87.

This invited review details information related to 1230 CHF patients from 155 articles (available at  Median and mean age of diagnosis were 2 and 11.2 years respectively.

Distribution of CHF cases/associated conditions: 118 isolated CHF, 788 autosomal recessive polycystic kidney disease, 315 with Caroli disease/syndrome, 9 with type V choledochal cyst

Clinical problems:

  • Sequelae of portal hypertension in 409 patients: 164 with varices, 74 with bleeding varicose, 81 underwent portosystemic shunting.  Portal hypertension itself was identified in 71-97% depending on the patient subset examined.
  • Cholangitis in 152 patients –often recurrent.  This was fatal in 3 of 23 children after renal transplantation.
  • Malignancy in 21 patients (2%). 19 were cholangiocarcinoma.  Of these cases, 10/19 had Caroli disease/syndrome, 7 had isolated CHF, 1 had ARPKD, and 1 had Type V choledochal cysts. Youngest patient with cholangiocarcinoma was 33 years, all other cases involved patients >40 years.

Transplantation: Isolated kidney 91 (95% in ARPKD), Isolated liver 173 (87% had Caroli), Combined 23.  Three renal patients subsequently had combined transplantation.

Other important points:

  • CHF is not ‘typically associated with progressive hepatic insufficiency.’ Only rarely is hepatic synthetic function compromised
  • Predisposition to cholangitis may affect transplantation decisions and timing

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    • I don’t recollect any specifics about antibiotic prophylaxis. The references (which can be found by using the web address in the 2nd paragraph) are likely to discuss antibiotic use in more detail.

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