Once Daily Tacrolimus for Liver Transplant Recipients

A recent study shows that once daily tacrolimus can be effective in patients who have been stable following liver transplantation (LT) (Liver Transplantation 2013; 19: 529-33).

In this retrospective, single center study with 394 adult LT patients, the authors examined the results of conversion to once daily dosing of tacrolimus.  Patient demographics noted an mean age of 53 years & mean time post-transplant was 74 months.

Criteria for conversion:

  1. At least 6 months posttransplant
  2. No rejection in >3 months
  3. Tacrolimus bid was changed to the same total daily dose at once a day and then modified based on levels.

Results after a 24 month followup:

  • 358 of 394 were able to maintain once a day dosing. 6 patients had been converted to cyclosporine, 14 patients had stopped all calcineurin inhibitors, 16 patients had returned to BID dosing.
  • Acute rejection episode was noted in 7 patients
  • Mean serum tacrolimus trough decreased after conversion from 6.1 to 4.9 ng/mL

Take-home message:

Once daily tacrolimus appears to be a reasonable strategy for stable LT patients.  It is possible that once daily administration will improve adherence.

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