When you gotta go…looking for a clean bathroom

According to consumer advice guru, Clark Howard, clean bathrooms are a necessity for businesses and now there are mobile apps (eg. SitorSquat) to help people find them.  For patients with GI disorders, this app may be very helpful as well.

Here’s the link from Clark Howard:

Clark Howard: Valued workers translate into a company’s success 

An excerpt:

“Now USA Today reports that dirty bathrooms can hurt business in some very direct ways. Nearly 50 percent of restaurant patrons who experience a dirty bathroom will tell friends. Almost three in 10 restaurant patrons won’t give a place a second chance if they encounter a dirty bathroom. And if you’re a restaurant owner, remember, this is the era of the smartphone where customers are taking pictures of your dirty bathroom and sharing it on social media.

Of course, when you gotta go, you gotta go. That’s why several different smartphone apps like SitorSquat have been developed (for both Android and iOS), pointing you to the nearest clean bathrooms.”

For IBD patients, sometimes taking your own toilet can be helpful, here’s a link to portable products:

Top 5 Portable Toilets – IBD – About.com

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