Social Media -Why It is Useful for Physicians

Just now, I participated in a 5K run to support The NASPGHAN Foundation.  My suggestion is to move this to a Saturday or Sunday next year to allow more support from the community at large.  That being said, I was pleased to be able to participate in this inaugural race.

Later today, I am giving a talk at our national pediatric gastroenterology meeting on social media.  On one of my first slides, I disclose that I have no financial conflicts and that I am not an expert on social media. The truth is that most teenagers are much more knowledgeable about social media than I am.  Perhaps the perspective that I lend to this area is that I have some experience on how social media can be helpful for physicians.

Here’s a link to my talk: StayingInformed WhyDoctorsNeedTwitter

If you have some suggestions, let me know soon.

3 thoughts on “Social Media -Why It is Useful for Physicians

  1. You’ve probably given the talk by now, but two positives of doctors using social media are, first, since we all use Dr Google it is better if we are reading real medical science, so that we can reference back to our treating GI to minimise his eye rolling, ie, have a conversation that is simple but not as simple as old style dr-patient, more specialist-consumer. The second thing is that your blog shows a bit of the thinking process behind diagnosis and research, and the uncertainties and unknowns, which is very interesting in itself. It makes Drs look more human.

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