Is Drinking Milk Healthy?

A recent article in the Washington Post (thanks to Ben Enav for forwarding this link) which summarizes a study from Sweden questions the long held assumption that milk is a beneficial dietary element in adults.  In fact, drinking a lot of milk may have detrimental effects.

Here’s an excerpt:

a new study from researchers in Uppsala University in Sweden suggests that consuming more milk could actually be associated with higher mortality and bone fractures in women and higher mortality in men.

The study, published in the British Medical Journal, utilized data from two large, long-term Swedish studies of adult men and women, which asked about their dietary habits — how much and what types of milk and dairy products they consumed…

Recently, Americans — and indeed much of the world — have been coming down from their milk high for some time.

Since the 1970s, milk consumption in the United States has dropped from about 1.5 cups a day to about 0.8 cups a day today….

In children, encouraging milk consumption through the National School Lunch Program often takes the form of sugar-sweetened chocolate milk, which has sugar content similar to soda, points out David Ludwig, a Harvard professor of nutrition.

In a 2013 paper Ludwig co-wrote, he suggested that there is not enough scientific evidence to support federal milk consumption recommendations.

And in fact, he added, there is more evidence that humans — who only recently began consuming milk with the domestication of large animals — don’t need it at all.

“Until very very recently, from an evolutionary perspective, humans would have consumed no milk products at all and would have consumed calcium from other sources,” Ludwig said. “Populations that drink no milk at all have perfectly fine bones.



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