How Common is Hepatitis E in the U.S.?

In a recent study (Hepatology 2014; 60: 815-22), data from the National Health and Nutrition Evaluation Survery (NHANES) 1988-94 was compared with the NHANES 2009-2010 with regard to Hepatitis E virus (HEV) epidemiology.  In addition, the most recent surgery coupled with a high performance HEV assay.  A total of 8,814 individuals were included in the analysis.

Key findings:

  • The seroprevalence of HEV was estimated at 6.0% in the U.S. which is only one-third as high as previous estimates.
  • Birth outside the U.S., Hispanic race, and increasing age were all factors associated with increased HEV seroprevalence.  The associations of hispanic origin and birth outside U.S. as risk factors disappear when age is taken into account.

Also noted: Hepatology 2014; 60: 1082-89.  “Liver transplantation in the management of porphyria” –useful review.

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