Clinical Features of Byler Disease

A recent article (Morris AL, et al. JPGN 2015; 60: 460-6) provides a detailed analysis of six cases of Byler disease during their first two years of life.  These cases were strictly defined and defined by homozygous c.923G>T mutation of ATP8b1.

Presenting features:

  • 2 with newborn direct hyperbilirubinemia
  • 2 with complications of coagulopathy. “Bleeding diathesis is a particular issue in the Amish community where home delivery is common and vitamin K may not be administered perinatally.”
  • 1 with failure to thrive and rickets
  • 1 was a sibling identified with newborn genetic testing

Key features:

  • Intensive fat-soluble vitamin supplementation was needed. “Vitamin K deficiency can be lethal.”
  • Poor growth was frequent (Figure 2): “growth trajectories were generally at the low end of percentiles and did not reflect parental size.” It was “typically responsive to supplementation with medium-chain triglyceride-based formula. and/or use of 30 cal per ounce formulae.”
  • Elevated serum bile acids and low normal GGT (Υ-glutamyltranspeptidase)
  • Diarrhea was commonly reported
  • Intractable pruritus in 4 of 6 children which developed between 6-12 months of age;  in two patients rifampin therapy was effective.
  • Partial external biliary diversion was used in 4 children during 2nd year of life; there was a “generally favorable response to PEBD.”
  • There were not issues noted with portal hypertension

Bottomline: This report shares some practical experience with this rare disorder.

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