Preventing Vertical Transmission of Hepatitis B with Telbivudine

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Wu Q et al. Clin Gastroenterol Hepatol 2015; 13: 1170-76.  This was a prospective study of 450 Hepatitis B e antigen-positive pregnant women with HBV DNA levels greater than 10 to the 6th IU/mL.  279 women received telbivudine 600 mg daily starting between 24 to 32 weeks of gestation until delivery or up to a month thereafter; this treatment group was compared to 171 controls women unwilling to take the medication. All infants received vaccinations after birth along with hepatitis B immune globulin. None of the infants in the treatment arm acquired hepatitis B (negative HBsAg at 6 months) compared with 14.7% of infants in the control arm who were positive for infection.  no serious adverse effects were noted in the women receiving telbivudine or their infants.

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