Living Liver Donors: 97% Would Do It Again

A recent study (VR Humphreville et al. Liver Transpl 2016; 22: 53-62) indicates that living liver donors report a high satisfaction following donation.

The authors examined a cohort of 127 living liver donors from the University of Minnesota; donation had occurred between 2 years and 16 years previously.  In addition to a donor-specific survey (DSS) completed by 107, the participants completed the short-form 36 health survey to assess health-related quality of life.

Key findings:

  • Almost all donors reported that they would donate again (97.2%)
  • Satisfaction rate correlated with the outcome of the liver transplant recipient along with pain after donation and vitality after donation. 91.6% rated their satisfaction with the donation process as >8 on a 10 -point scale, with 10 being “extremely satisfied”
  • Health-related quality of life was higher among donors than the general population (though they likely had higher scores than the general population at baseline)

The study elaborates on the potential complications with the most frequent  being incisional discomfort in 34%.

My Take: this information on high satisfaction will be useful for transplant programs and those considering living liver donation.


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