Fresh Fruit Study

A study from China has shown benefits associated with increased fresh fruit intake (H Du et al. NEJM; 2016; 374: 1332-43). Abstract Link: Fresh Fruit Consumption and Major Cardiovascular Disease in China

Study methods: 512,891 adults recruited from 2004-2008.  Prospective cohort.

Results: 18% of participants consumed fresh fruit daily.  This group had lower systolic blood pressure (by 4 mm Hg), lower glucose (by 0.5 mmol/L) (both with P<0.001).  The adjusted hazard ratio for cardiovascular death was 0.6 (CI 0.54-0.67), 0.66 for major coronary event, 0.75 for ischemic stroke, and 0.64 for hemorrhagic stroke.

Limitation: Fruit consumption was correlated with socioeconomic status and this may have affected findings even after adjustment due to residual confounding.

My take: While fruit consumption has not been proven to cause better health, daily fruit consumption is associated with better outcomes.

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Savings with veggies


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