Apple Juice for Gastroenteritis

While oral rehydration solutions (ORS) are a major advance, particularly for severe diarrhea, for milder cases diluted apple juice is probably better for most children according to a recent study (Freedman SB et al. Effect of dilute apple juice and preferred fluids vs electrolyte maintenance solution on treatment failure among children with mild gastroenteritis: A randomized clinical trial. JAMA 2016 Apr 30; [e-pub]).  While the balance of sugar and salt in ORS enhance fluid absorption, administration of ORS can be complicated by limited acceptance, especially in children.

From Epocrates Summary:

Juice Is Best for Treating Mild Gastroenteritis with Minimal Dehydration

Dilute apple juice for initial hydration followed by fluids of the child’s choice was superior to electrolyte maintenance solution for treating children with mild gastroenteritis and minimal dehydration…

In a single-blind noninferiority trial, researchers randomized 647 children (aged 6−60 months) presenting to a Canadian pediatric emergency department with gastroenteritis and minimal dehydration to receive either 1) half-strength apple juice for initial hydration followed by fluids of the child’s choice or 2) apple-flavored electrolyte maintenance solution. The primary outcome was treatment failure, defined as occurrence of any of the following within 7 days: intravenous rehydration, hospitalization, unscheduled visit to a physician, treating physician’s request to cross over to other study arm, weight loss ≥3% or Clinical Dehydration Scale score ≥5 at follow-up.

Treatment failure was significantly lower in the juice/preferred fluids group (16.7% vs. 25.0%); the difference met the study’s criteria for noninferiority and superiority. Significantly fewer children in the juice/preferred fluids group received intravenous rehydration at the index visit (0.9% vs. 6.8%) and within 7 days (2.5% vs. 9.0%). Juice/preferred fluids was most beneficial in children ≥24 months of age (treatment failure rate, 9.8% vs. 25.9%).

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