Peanut Allergy Prevention Guidelines

From USA Today: Peanut allergy: Everything they told you was wrong


An excerpt:

Research suggests the method to stopping a lifelong peanut allergy is to, well, feed your baby peanut foods.

The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, part of the federal government’s National Institute of Health, issued new guidelines to health care providers and parents Thursday…

The guidelines are based on whether a child has eczema or an egg allergy, good indicators of peanut allergies. Fauci suggests parents check with their doctor before moving forward with peanut foods.

The guidelines are as follows:

– For infants deemed a high risk for developing a peanut allergy, based on eczema or egg allergies, experts suggest feeding them food with peanuts as early as four to six months old.

– Infants with mild to moderate eczema should be introduced to peanuts at six months old.

– For babies without eczema or egg allergies, researchers say parents can start giving them peanut foods when they see fit.


From NBC News: Peanut Allergy Prevention (includes video)

High-risk infants

Babies with with severe eczema or an egg allergy should be tested at a specialist’s office when they’re 4 to 6 months old and have started taking solid food.


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