A Call to Arms for Health Care Professionals

A recent editorial published simultaneously in NEJM (DB Taichman et al. 2017; 377: 2090-91), Annals of Internal Medicine, PLOS Medicine and JAMA urges physicians:

  • “Don’t be silent. We don’t need more moments of silence to honor the memory of those who have been killed. We need to honor their memory by preventing a need for such moments.”

A short list of how health care professionals can help:

  • “Educate yourself”
  • Contact your local, state, and federal legislators.  “And do it again at regular intervals.”
  • Attend public meetings. “Demand answers, commitments, and follow-up”
  • “Go to rallies.”
  • “Join, volunteer for, or donate to organizations fighting for sensible firearm legislations.”
  • Vote for candidates “with stances that mitigate firearm-related injury.”

My take: I’m proud of my friends who have been trying to make a difference.  If any other medical problem exacted the toll of firearms, it is hard to imagine such complacency/resignation.

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