Hemospray for GI Bleeding

From MD Mag: Gastrointestinal Bleeding Spray Gets FDA Marketing Go-Ahead

An excerpt:

 According to Wilson-Cook, Hemospray represents a different approach to treat GI bleeds by reaching hemostasis in patients without the precision or direct visualization required by competing treatments. This makes the device a treatment option for bleeding from damaged tissue where the bleeding source cannot be easily identified.

Hemospray is intended to treat most forms of upper or lower GI bleeding, and is backed by clinical evidence in more than 700 patients.

Its approval was supported by data from clinical studies that consisted of 228 patients with upper and lower GI bleeding, and real-world evidence from medical literature reports that featured another 522 similar patients. According to FDA review, the device stopped GI bleeding in 95% of patients with 5 minutes of its administration. Re-bleeding, as defined by a recurring event from 3-30 days after the use of Hemospray, occurred in 20% of all patients.

6 thoughts on “Hemospray for GI Bleeding

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