The Risk of Pancreatic Cancer After Acute Pancreatitis

A recent study (J Kirkegard et al. Gastroenterol 2018; 154: 1729-36) determined that acute pancreatitis is associated with an increased risk of pancreatic cancer. This finding is based on a nationwide (Denmark), matched cohort study of all patients admitted with acute pancreatitis from 1980 to 2012.  This involved 41,669 patients with acute pancreatitis and 208,340 comparison subjects.

Key finding:

  • Five year pancreatic cancer risk was 0.87% compared to a risk of 0.13% in the comparison group (HR 2.02)

Limitations: While this study is based on a Danish registry, the authors note that the data had been prospectively entered and has a high validitiy.

My take: While I have not seen pancreatic cancer in the pediatric population, it is concerning that episodes of pancreatitis are likely to increase this risk for the children as well (over their lifetimes).

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