Big Pharma Neglecting ‘Required’ Pediatric Studies

A recent retrospective study (TJ Hwang et al. JAMA Pediatr 2019; 173: 68-74) examined the completion rate of FDA-required pediatric studies. Thanks to Ben Gold for this reference.

Background: In 2003, the Pediatric Research Equity Act (PREA) was signed into law and authorized the FDA to require clinical stuides to assess the safety and efficacy of new drugs and drugs with new indications in pediatric subpopulations.  However, the FDA cannot withdraw approval for a drug if a manufacturer fails to comply with PREA.  In addition, the authors note that “to our knowledge, to date, no financial penalties or enforcement proceedings have been brought against manufacturers fo noncompliance…and only 31 noncompliance letters have been issued.”

Key findings:

  • Between 2007-2014, there were 438 new drugs and/or new indications.  114 were subject to PREA. 84 were new drugs and 30 were new indications.
  • 222 studies required pediatric postmarketing clinical studies (in these 114 drugs). Only 75 (33.8%) were completed; rates were lower for efficacy studies (38 of 132 –28.8%) compared to pharmacokinetic studies (19 of 34 –55.9%).
  • As a result of the PREA-mandated studies, there was an increase in some pediatric information of drug labels in 41.2% after a median follow-up of 6.8 years, compared with 15.8% at time of approval of these 114 drugs.

The authors note that PREA is responsible for “nearly 80% of pediatric drug studies completed for FDA.” Congress also passed the Best Pharmaceuticals for Children Act which provides a financial incentive to companies if they perform certain pediatric studies.

My take: Pharmaceutical companies, for a multitude of reasons, are not completing requied pediatric studies.

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