Probiotics for Colic -Another Negative Study

A recent study (MD Cabana et al. JPGN 2019; 68: 17-9) enrolled 184 infants and found that administration of Lactobacillus GG probiotic, starting at the 4th day of life, was not effective in prevention of colic. Colic was ascertained in a secondary analysis of the ‘Trial of Infant Probiotic Supplementation’ (TIPS) study in which parents were asked monthly if their infant had either symptoms of colic or had been diagnosed with colic.

Key findings:

  • Overall the rate of colic was low at 9.8%, with at rate of 6.5% for control and 13.0% of probiotic

The authors note that there “is only 1 randomized controlled trial for the use of LGG for colic…which showed no difference.”

My take: As with all probiotic studies, the interpretation needs to be limited to this specific strain.

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