David Brooks: “Kindness Is A Skill”

Earlier this week, David Brooks posted a thoughtful commentary that’s worth a read.  The article ostensibly is working through negotiations over disagreements but has useful points for both healthcare professionals and for everyone else.

NY Times: Kindness Is a Skill

An excerpt:

The all-purpose question. “Tell me about the challenges you are facing?” Use it when there seems to be nothing else to say…

Gratitude. People who are good at relationships are always scanning the scene for things they can thank somebody for.

Never sulk or withdraw. If somebody doesn’t understand you, not communicating with her won’t help her understand you better.

Reject either/or. The human mind has a tendency to reduce problems to either we do this or we do that. This is narrowcasting. There are usually many more options neither side has imagined yet…

Presume the good. Any disagreement will go better if you assume the other person has good intentions

Devil’s Golf Course, Death Valley

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