William Meyers

Yesterday I attended the Inaugural William Meyers Lecture and intended for this post to be a summary of that.  Sadly, he passed away last night.

Billy, a partner in our GI group, had been fighting brain cancer for the past year. This lecture was established to honor him. Jose Garza gave a lecture which highlighted the important work of the neurogastroenterology service, established in large measure by Billy.

Also, Billy served on numerous hospital committees.  Much of his efforts were ‘behind the scenes’ and usually the type of work that many of us seek to avoid.  In addition to working on these hospital committees, Billy remained a busy clinician.  In the past year, I’ve had the opportunity to interact with many of his patients and families.  Uniformly I have heard how compassionate and patient he was, even with the most complex situations.  In the 22 years that I had the opportunity to work with Billy, I cannot seem to recall him ever being flustered.  He was a truly wonderful person, physician, and mentor..   I will miss his kindness and friendship.




6 thoughts on “William Meyers

  1. A hero to his patients, their families and his staff. A true phycisian, a gentleman and a mensch. May the fond memories they have of him help sustain them over these difficult days and for the future.

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