Briefly noted: Psoriasis due to Infliximab

O Courbette et al. JPGN 2019; 69: 189-93. Infliximab Paradoxical Psoriasis in a Cohort of Children With Inflammatory Bowel Disease

From Abstract:

Results: One hundred and twenty-three CD patients and 24 UC patients were treated with IFX. Twenty patients (13.6%) experienced a paradoxical psoriasis. All of them were affected by CD. Perianal CD was more frequent in the psoriasis group (P = 0.033). Fourteen patients (70%) were in remission when skin lesions occurred. Paradoxical psoriasis was diagnosed 355 days (median, interquartile range [IQR] 239; 532) after the initiation of IFX corresponding to the eighth injection (median, IQR: 6; 15). Psoriasis lesions were controlled by local steroids in all cases and no patients discontinued IFX therapy.

Conclusions: 13.6% of our IBD patients treated with IFX developed psoriasis during a median follow-up of 23.9 months (IQR: 11.6; 36.5). Crohn disease patients with perianal disease were at a higher risk to develop this common side effect.

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