Georgia AAP Nutrition Symposium 2019: Care of the NICU (Premature Infant) Graduate

This year’s Georgia AAP Nutrition Symposium featured lectures targeting the NICU graduates and children with allergies (tomorrow). My notes from these lectures could contain errors of omission or transcription.

Greg Sysyn

Link to slides: The Care and Feeding of the Tertiary NICU October 10 2019

Key points:

When can NICU graduates take a standard formula?  ‘When at normal weight at term or beyond for 2-3 months (tracking along a good percentile)’ –but keep in context (how big are parents); otherwise use preterm formula up to 52 weeks post-conceptional age. Studies have shown that formula-fed VLBW infants use of a transitional formula should continue until 3-6 months of age, possibly as long as 12 months of age.

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