More Frequent Foreign Body Ingestions

A recent retrospective study (D Orsagh-Yentis) Pediatrics 2019; 143: pii:320181988) examined children <6 years of age (n=759,054) and presentation to an emergency department in the U.S. for a foreign body ingestion (FBI) from 1995-2015. This study was reviewed at our recent national meeting by David Brumbaugh -related blog post: #NASPGHAN19 Postgraduate Course (Part 1) (Slides below).

Key findings:

  • FBI rates increased from 9.5 to 18 per 10,000 during the 20 year study period
  • Coins accounted for 61.7% of FBI
  • Most children (89.7%) were able to be discharged after their suspected ingestion
  • Battery ingestion represented 0.14% of all ingestions in 1995  to 8.4% in 2015

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