No Show (“Unattended Appointment”) Data

A recent study (JC Bohnhoff et al. Pediatrics ) provided data on “unattended appointments.” Thanks to John Pohl for this reference from his twitter feed. Link to Full Abstract: Unscheduled Referrals and Unattended Appointments After Pediatric Subspecialty Referral (article behind paywall).

Key points:

  • Of 20 466 referrals, 13 261 (65%) resulted in an appointment scheduled within 90 days and 10 514 (51%) resulted in a visit attended within 90 days.
  • Compared with appointments scheduled within 7 days, appointments with intervals from referral to scheduled appointment exceeding 7 days were associated with decreasing likelihood of visit attendance (adjusted odds ratio 8–14 days 0.48; 95% confidence interval 0.37–0.61).
  • Patient factors associated with decreased likelihood of both appointment scheduling and visit attendance included African American race, public insurance, and lower zip code median income.

My take: To reduce no show rates, shorter wait times and frequent reminders are important.

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