Briefly Noted: Esophageal Stricture Dilatations

SJ Clark et al. JPGN 2020; 71: e1-e5. Examining the “Rule of 3” for Esophageal Dilations in Pediatric Stricture Patients.  In this retrospective study with 284 patients and 1384 balloon dilatations, the authors examined the perforation rate compared to the delta dilation diameter (ΔDD).  They note that the “rule of 3” is a 40-year-old expert opinion that suggests dilating an esophageal stricture more than 3 mm is unsafe. In this cohort, the perforation rate was 1.66% overall; there were 8 perforations in 1075 dilations with ΔDD ≤5 mm (0.7%) and 15 perforations in 309 dilations with ΔDD >5 mm (4.9%). The authors indicate that dilatations ≤5 mm may be acceptable.