Sickle Cell Related Liver Disease

A terrific review of sickle cell disease (SCD) associated liver problems: F Lacaille et al. JPGN 2021; 72: 5-10. The Liver in Sickle Cell Disease

While the most frequent liver-related problem in individuals is cholelithiasis (>25% after age 5 yrs), a host of other problems can develop –this article is a good reference.

Key points:

  • Acute Sickle Cell Hepatic Crisis, Intrahepatic cholestasis, and acute hepatic sequestration
    • ~6% of children and 10% of adults develop severe liver complications of SCD
    • With sequestration, indications include pain with acute drop in hemoglobin (>2 g/dL)
    • Acute hepatic crisis is often signaled by elevated conjugated bilirubin
    • With severe liver disease/liver ischemia, authors advocated for exchange transfusion which “more efficiently decreases HbS percentage, faster restoring the blood flow than simple transfusion.” Consider after excluding biliary complication if INR is >1.4 with increased conjugated bilirubin (>3 mg/L). “Simple transfusion should be discussed in other cases.”
  • Cholangiopathy and autoimmune liver disease
    • Although autoimmune sclerosing cholangitis/autoimmune hepatitis are rare, it may account for 8% of children with SCD referred for hepatic dysfunction
    • Liver biopsy, needed for diagnosis, “is a dangerous procedure in SCD, which cannot be performed without at least a transfusion”
    • “Steroids can induce sickle crisis”
    • Look for ANA, SMA, LKM, and ANCA
  • Iron Overload
    • “It is not usually a significant concern in children…In our patients, the median ferritin level was about 3000 ng/mL, and none had a severe overload on MRI”
  • Infections/Drug toxicity
    • Need to consider hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and hepatitis E in particular
    • Inquire about herbal medicines and recreative drugs
  • Liver transplantation
    • Results are often poor.
    • Problems include sickle cell crisis in the transplanted liver, and drug toxicity which can add to the neurological and renal morbidities of SCD
  • Stem cell transplantation
    • Consider for severe complications of SCD including hepatic complications

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