Pictographic Constipation Action Plan

A recent study (PT Reeves et al. J Pediatr 2021; 229: 118-126. Full text link: Development and Assessment of a Pictographic Pediatric Constipation Action Plan) highlighted patient education efforts. “This study focused on the design and assessment of a low literacy pictographic CAP for the care of functional constipation in children.”

My take: I agree with the authors that a simple plan like this has “the potential to become an important tool to be used in the care of children with functional constipation, improving both quality-of-care and clinical outcomes.”

Link to PDF: Constipation Action Plan

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This QR code provides 9 minute explanation of constipation and action plan:

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3 thoughts on “Pictographic Constipation Action Plan

  1. Uniformed Services Constipation Action Plan

    Thank you so much for sharing our functional constipation tool!

    The tool was conceived as dual purpose: stepwise action guide for home management of the child AND a drug dose calculator for laxative pharmacotherapy by the clinician.

    This YouTube video Walk’s clinicians though using the 4 check boxes to leverage the Autodosing feature.

    We also are in the midst of completing a Spanish translation of this tool which you can find at:


    We hope this is helpful.

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