“Widely covered paper on ranitidine-cancer link retracted”

Retraction Watch: Widely covered paper on ranitidine-cancer link retracted Thanks to Bryan Vartabedian’s twitter feed for this reference.

An excerpt:

“A paper linking the use of a wildly popular drug for heartburn to cancer has been retracted after the authors concluded that their widely touted finding appears to have resulted from a hiccup in the way they conducted their testing. 

The 2016 article, in Carcinogenesis, has played a minor role in an ongoing class action lawsuit against the makers of ranitidine (sold as Zantac, among other brand names) claiming that use of the medication has caused cancer in more than 100,000 plaintiffs. And it was a key citation in a 2019 petition to the FDA urging that such drugs be recalled….

[From one of the authors of the retracted study] As far as I know, the detections of NDMA in ranitidine tablets remain an issue (detections by LC/MS, which should not be affected by this artefact).

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