Accolades: Bess Schoen

I want to recognize Dr. Bess Schoen. Bess is a colleague at Emory. I met her when I was a 4th year medical student. Since we work at different hospitals, I do not see her often but greatly respect her and her work.

From one of my colleagues, Tanya Hofmekler:

This month, we are celebrating Dr. Bess Schoen’s retirement and her long career in academic medicine.  She will be greatly missed.  Dr. Schoen has always modeled the best characteristics of a well-rounded academic physician. On top of those, she is smart, an excellent teacher and is an overall wonderful person.  She has trained and impacted many residents and fellows that have passed through Emory.  Her trainees walk away with practical medical knowledge and an example of compassionate care.  As one of her trainees, I find myself from time to time asking: “What would Dr. Schoen do?”

Dr. Schoen has also dedicated herself to improve the care of pediatric patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease through her leadership of Improve Care Now at Emory.  This year, she will be honored by the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America for her commitment and passion.