Sucralfate Might Help With Wound Healing

HB Zheng et al. JPGN Reports2021; 2 (3) p e111. Open Access: Effective Use of Topical Sucralfate in the Conservative Management of Expanded Gastrostomy Tract Reduction

This case report describes a 10 yo with multiple medical problems with an expanding G-tube site with mucosal prolapse “where the G-tube balloon easily fell out of her gastrocutaneous fistula.”

The site was treated with three modalities, though the authors attribute the improvement to the use of sucralfate:

  • Nasojejunal feedings
  • Removal of Gastrostomy tube for 5 days
  • Sucralfate: “1 gram tablet, ½ tablet crushed sprinkled around the ostomy site 3 times a day. Powder was used to fill in the defect and any residual powder medication was gently cleaned off before the next application”
  • Images showing improvement noted below

The authors provide pathophysiological reasons for sucralfate’s effectiveness:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-70.png
Treatment with sucralfate helped reduce the 2 cm x 1.5 cm site (Panel A)
over 5 days to Panel B and over 4 weeks to Panel C