AAP Policy: COVID-19 Vaccine for Children 5 Years and Older

FROM THE AMERICAN ACADEMY OF PEDIATRICS| POLICY STATEMENT. Open Access: COVID-19 Vaccines in Children and Adolescents. Committee on Infectious DiseasesPediatrics (2022) 149 (1): e2021054332.https://doi.org/10.1542/peds.2021-054332

Key points:

  • “The AAP recommends COVID-19 vaccination for all children and adolescents 5 years of age and older who do not have contraindications using a COVID-19 vaccine authorized for use for their age.”
  • “Children with previous infection or disease with SARS-CoV-2 should receive COVID-19 vaccination, according to CDC guidelines.”
  • “Given the importance of routine vaccination and the need for rapid uptake of COVID-19 vaccines, the AAP supports coadministration of routine childhood and adolescent immunizations with COVID-19 vaccines (or vaccination in the days before or after).”

Also, more data on vaccine effectiveness from Eric Topol’s Twitter feed):

Vaccines reducing Covid deaths by 99% and hospitalizations by 98% with vaccination and a booster