Internet Survey: Lots of People Have Rumination

A Josefsson et al. Gastroenterol 2022; 162: 731-742. Open Access: Global Prevalence and Impact of Rumination Syndrome

Key findings:

  • Using internet surveys from 26 countries (54,127 subjects), the authors identified an overall prevalence of rumination syndrome of 3.1% (Rome IV criteria)
  • Factors independently associated with rumination syndrome were depression (odds ratio [OR], 1.46), anxiety (OR, 1.8), body mass index (OR, 1.04), and female sex (OR, 1.19)
  • Limitations: this was “an Internet survey with self-reported symptoms. In clinical practice, investigations, including endoscopy and esophageal manometry, are often carried out, so we cannot completely exclude that some subjects had other conditions, misclassified as rumination syndrome” (especially reflux)
  • As noted in the commentary (pgs 696-697), the prevalance drops to 0.122% in those with daily symptoms, which is common in tertiary referral centers, the prevalence drops to 0.122%

My take: Rumination syndrome is common and likely underdiagnosed.

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