Pediatric Capsule Endoscopy Curriculum Study

UP Phatak et al. JPGN Reports 2022. 3: e130. Open Access: Pediatric Web-based Video Capsule Endoscopy Curriculum: A Pilot Study to Determine the Ability to Implement a Standardized Educational Curriculum

In this pilot study, 12 individuals completed a web-based curriculum for VCE proficiency.

Key finding:

  • Participants showed significant improvement in knowledge (P = 0.041) and photo recognition posttests (P = 0.015). All participants who completed the curriculum found it helpful and reported that they would recommend it to their colleagues

The discussion notes that “Studies have demonstrated that competence with VCE develops in an endoscopist after reading 10–15 VCE studies (6,10). There are some newer guidelines that suggest that this number may be higher…[and] it requires continuous practice. Pediatric gastroenterologists may feel their skills are not adequate when VCEs are not performed on a consistent basis at their institution”

Website for VCE Training: Pediatric Capsule Endoscopy Curriculum Study

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