The Relief Room

This weekend, on “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me” (Transcript July 2) on their ‘Bluff the Listener’ game, they highlighted three stories of a new Philadelphia tourist attraction. The true (very funny) story was regarding “The Relief Room.” A bathroom (suitably) dedicated to Philadelphia pitcher relievers and covered in memorabilia.

GONDELMAN: 45-year-old Matt Edwards, has gone above and beyond turning his home’s downstairs bathroom into a monument to his beloved Phillies.

GONDELMAN: The Relief Room, as Edwards calls the commode, is a celebration of retired Phillies relief pitchers.

GONDELMAN: Though the room is jampacked with Phillies ephemera, such as signed photographs and figurines, the area above the toilet remains largely empty. That’s because it’s reserved especially for pitchers who have played for Phillies championship teams.

GONDELMAN: Edwards did miss an opportunity for guests to declare their need for personal relief the same way that catchers deliver signals to a pitcher – throw down one finger if you need to do what the Phillies do with a late-inning lead…

GONDELMAN: …Two fingers if you need to do what the team is playing like overall.

Here’s a link to a very descriptive NY Times article/pictures: When Nature Calls, Phillies Relievers Have a Place to Go