An Alternative to Ethanol Locks (Not Available in U.S.)

J Strauss et al. JPGN 2022; 74: 776-781. Mechanical Complications in Central Lines Using Taurolidine Versus Ethanol Lock Therapy in Children With Intestinal Failure

This retrospective study with 13 patients (10,187 catheter days [CDs]) compared ethanol locks (EL) with taurolidine locks (TL). Taurolidine is a “non-toxic, broad-spectrum antimicrobial” with growing use outside the U.S. Manufacturing issues still need to be addressed to gain FDA approval. Link: CORMEDIX RECEIVES COMPLETE RESPONSE LETTER FROM FDA FOR DEFENCATH™ CATHETER LOCK SOLUTION

Key findings from this study:

  • TL (vs EL) had lower rates of CVC breaks (1.11 vs 5.19/1000 CDs, P < 0.001), occlusions (0.83 vs 4.06/1000 CDs, P= 0.01) and repairs (1.94 vs 5.64/1000 CDs, P= 0.01)
  • There was no significant difference in CRBSI rates: 0.83/1000 CDs for TL vs 2.03/1000 CDs for EL (P= 0.25)

My take: Taurolidine, when available in U.S., may be a suitable alternative to ethanol, when available in U.S., in preventing CRBSI. In addition, taurolidine locks appear to have fewer mechanical risks.

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