Florida Narrative Ignoring Inconvenient Data with COVID-19 Vaccine Safety

From MedPage Today (4/12/23): Data Omitted From FL Vax Report?

The Florida Surgeon General’s recommendation that young men shouldn’t get the COVID-19 vaccine was made “despite the state having contradictory data,” according to the Tampa Bay Times.

In October, Florida Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo, MD, PhD, announced that young men shouldn’t get the COVID-19 vaccine, countering CDC guidance. His recommendation was based on an analysis that purported to show an increased risk of cardiac-related death for men ages 18 to 39.

However, draft versions of the analysis obtained by the Tampa Bay Times show that “catching COVID-19 could increase the chances of a cardiac-related death much more than getting the vaccine,” the article stated.

“That data was included in an earlier version of the state’s analysis but was missing from the final version compiled and posted online by the Florida Department of Health,” the Times reported. “Ladapo did not reference the contradictory data in a release posted by the state.”

My take: The approach taken by Florida’s “surgeon general” is one of making sure the facts don’t get in the way of a perfectly good narrative.

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