It’s worth the cost

Recently the cost of Sitzmarks® increased to $175 (for 12)–it’s worth the cost.  According to one study, the use of a transit study helps determine which patients will benefit from colonic manometry (JPGN 2012; 54: 258-62).  A retrospective review of 24 children showed that all five children with normal oral-anal transit (OTT) studies had normal colonic manometry.  In contrast, 9/19 (47%) with abnormal (slow OTT) had abnormal colonic manometry.

The authors define their approach to OTT which is helpful.

  • In patients with a fecal impaction, this was cleared prior to starting study
  • If patients had difficulty with capsule ingestion, markers were administered by embedding in part of a banana or mixed with applesauce
  • Stimulant laxatives withheld for 72hrs prior to study
  • AXR obtained on days 3 and 5
  • Slow OTT (abnormal) defined as >6 markers proximal to rectum on day 5

Of those with abnormal colonic manometry, two-thirds (6) were referred for surgical intervention; one patient with normal OTT had surgery.  Surgeries:  3 cecostomy, 4 subtotal colectomy.

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