How much radiation from your CT scanner?

Our children’s hospital, along with many others, has made a concerted effort to reduce radiation exposure by adjusting CT scan settings.  Even a single abdominal CT scan may confer a small but real risk of developing cancer.  The trade-off with low-dose CT techniques has been a concern about poor image quality.  New research indicates that low-dose CT scan is not inferior to standard-dose CT with respect to detecting appendicitis (NEJM 2012; 366: 1596-605).

This single-center study examined 441 patients assigned in a single-blind fashion to low-dose CT (median dose: 116 mGy-cm) in comparison to 447 patients receiving a standard-dose CT (median dose: 521 mGy-cm).  All patients had CT for suspected appendicitis.  The negative appendectomy rate was 3.5% in the low-dose group and 3.2% in the standard-dose group.  There was no significant difference in appendiceal perforation rate or proportion of patients needing more imaging.

How much radiation do your patients receive with a CT scan?

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Additional references:

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