The burden of being a physician

The following link comments on a study regarding the high rate of physician burnout:

The Widespread Problem of Doctor Burnout –

Among my physician friends, the topic of emotional fatigue comes up infrequently.  While there are different difficulties for every type of job, I think if you are not a physician it is hard to understand the emotional toll of the job.  If you care about what you do, it is hard to disassociate from the obvious suffering that some patients endure.  In addition, in many cases the decisions that we help families reach often have unexpected outcomes.

Though some physicians may not struggle with these issues, the link above indicates that this problem is pervasive.

If you have a practical solution, let me know.  Happy New Year.

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5 thoughts on “The burden of being a physician

  1. Although I’m not a physician, I think many people who are in fields where there is suffering can relate to this. I am a criminal defense attorney and see defendants who have come from tragic circumstances and who perpetuate that tragedy. I see victims whose lives are irreparably damaged. Sometimes I can help. But the daily exposure takes its toll. Burnout is common in my field too

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