LIU Score

The LIU acronym interested me in part because I work with Steven Liu. The LIU score refers to a Liver Injury Unit scoring system which is used to predict survival in pediatric acute liver failure (J Pediatr 2013; 162: 1010-6).

The LIU score and admission value LIU (aLIU) were examined in individuals enrolled in the Pediatric Acute Liver Failure (PALF) Study group.  LIU score was determined in 461 patients and aLIU in 579 patients.

  • LIU =[3.584 x peak total bilirubin (mg/dL)] + [1.809 x peak prothrombin time (PT) (sec)] + [0.307 x peak ammonia (μmold/L)]

or alternatively, using INR instead of PT:

  • LIU =[3.507 x peak total bilirubin (mg/dL)] + [45.51  x peak INR] + [0.254 x peak ammonia (μmold/L)]

Results: The LIU score was shown to be strongly predictive of transplant-free survival with a c-index 0.81.  The aLIU score was less predictive with a c-index of 0.76.  In this population, the LIU score predicted the likelihood of receiving a liver transplant better than the risk of death.

Bottom-line: The LIU score may have similar utility as a MELD/PELD score but is easier to calculate.

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