Don’t Forget to Check Urine Sodium

In patients with short bowel syndrome and excessive ostomy losses, salt depletion is associated with failure to thrive.  An easy way to screen for this is checking a “spot” urine sodium level; a urine sodium <10 mmol/L is too low.  While this has been recognized in infants for a long time, a recent case report shows that this can be an issue for older children (up to 19 years) as well (Nutr Clin Pract 2014 vol. 29 no. 397-401 -thanks to Kipp Ellsworth’s twitter feed for this reference & link:

The authors conclusion: “We advise that patients of all ages with high stoma output have routine urine sodium levels checked, particularly in the setting of weight loss or poor gain. Furthermore, instances of TBSD [total body salt depletion] should be treated with sodium supplementation.”

2 thoughts on “Don’t Forget to Check Urine Sodium

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