Heavy Heart due to Obesity

A recent study (J Pediatr 2014; 165: 1184-9) documents a “cardiometabolic phenotype” which indicates that obesity and metabolic disease exert effects at a young age.

Design: A cohort of 281 white children from Italy were carefully studied with antropometrics, lipids profiles, blood pressure, glucose, and echocardiography. Of these children, 105 were obese (mean age 11 years) and 105 were morbidly obese (mean age 12 years); 31 had normal weight and 40 were overweight.

Key findings:

  • Heart disease: 53 had eccentric left ventricular hypertrophy (LVH), 36 had concentric LV remodeling, 44 had concentric LVH, 148 had normal echocardiograms.
  • Children with concentric LVH exhibited the most severe metabolic disturbances (graphically demonstrated in Figure 1)

Bottomline: The authors conclude that “we have identified a “cardiometabolic phenotype” occurring early in life, characterized by concentric LVH, visceral obesity, high BP, high Tg/HDL-C, and high-normal FPG [fasting plasma glucose].  This result may be clinically relevant because, in adulthood, a concentric LV geometric pattern is associated with a greater risk of CV events.”



2 thoughts on “Heavy Heart due to Obesity

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